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He's eighty to eighty five like, good luck. Good luck. Chris Middleton trying to guard this through I wasn't body in before the year after watching him in in high school now body this guy is incredible not just because of his physical abilities either done. Yeah. His I q how hardy plays both like that's the thing. He plays like he's three star or two star recruit. He does not play like somebody who his head there s kissed for years and years and years now. Yeah. No. It's it's really really amazing. Okay. So they play Virginia Tech. Most people have buzz Williams on the next plane to take the job the second they lose. In the meantime, they've actually beaten to Greenwich Zainuddin play. But neither the Justin Robinson the point guard for Virginia Tech does dukes run come to an end tonight. No, I think they roll. I do I think they role in this one because you don't really have anybody blacks, your can protect the rim to some extent. But RJ Barrett is going to salivate at the fact that he doesn't have to look in the lane in CA 7-foot-5, dude waiting on him Zayn Williamson same thing. It was a -ffective sign, but not to the same level. He's not it wasn't able to don't like he could and attack. RJ Barrett was the one who was most affected by taco fall. And I think now again. Yeah. Just Robinson helps but Justin Robinson is not going to be in the lane waiting for Jay, baron, Zaim links and those guys are going to take it to them. They're going to score fifty five points between the two they're going to go to the line over and over and over, and I would be shocked if this is a single digit game, and the I'm gonna take the other side. I think Duke wins Virginia Tech keeps exceptionally close. Okay. What about Kentucky? PJ Washington was playing like the best player in the SEC won best players. America. And then, you know, first week in the NCA Termine he's in a cast. So doesn't play I two I two games. And then all of a sudden two days ago, he Instagram's out of live video of him walking. So now send there's a chance to play. Will we see PJ Washington tonight? And and we'll we see him Sunday. Maybe more importantly. Yeah. We don't know what we know is John Calipari said that he has been cleared by the doctors, and there's no risk of further damage to the sprain foot. I say how the hell can you put him out there three days after he gets out of a cast that he's been in for a week against athletic Houston team that is going to go right at him. Let's face it. If PJ Washington's out there, they're going to try try to explode him in every way possible, especially getting them up and down the court. And this is a kid who could be a lottery picked up. I just don't know how you put them out there. I know he wants to get out. There is a tough kid love him as a player love is a kid. But again, if you John cale Perry, and you've been all about your players for long long time. I think you protect your player of year. Yeah. I look I think it's different because he's a he's a future NBA NBA draft pick. But I do think that playing will only help us stock if he plays, but how healthy will be. I would guess if it was me and he could play. I couple minutes tonight. So that he does. So that we see how it reacts with the day off you see if you can play Sunday because Sunday potentially North Carolina that's game of the tournament game of the tournament today. In terms of the overall town both coaches chamber programs. You got he's got have played in a basketball game before that game in order in order to be right? I want to ask you also, Jeff, you you cover the NBA, you know, the Celtics. Well, is it kyri? Is it the players, and the coaches these not really being all the players that vibe with the coaches is it Gordon Hayward and then playing him too, many minutes and that being awkward for the rotation. Why aren't the Celtics better and more cohesive or the best term is more connected. This point in the season. Well, number one..

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