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To churchill downs in louisville kentucky mike panel alongside the voice of human race course kurt becker happy to have you with us on this one hundred forty fourth kentucky derby day where well the weather here really hasn't cooperated much to the dismay of so many of the tens of thousands of racing fans that have made their way to louisville to witness this great event we are under battleship grey skies a bic gloomy the temperatures haven't been all that warmer in the low sixties we've had rain coming through since early last evening and it's been coming through in waves throughout much of the afternoon because of that we do have a sloppy main track for the running of the kentucky derby which is some forty six minutes away and the enfield which is usually jam packed is a a party type of seeing when you come to the derby you can do it in a couple of different ways you can go to the infield and experience the party or you can be in millionaire's row in the dining areas and the clubhouse areas and be all dressed up everybody it doesn't matter where you're sitting here today most people have a poncho on most people have their fancy hats wrapped in plastic just trying to stay dry and kurt it's a different scene here today it is but it's still a happy seeing it's still a festive seed here at churchhill downs the first kentucky derby held here back in eighteen seventy five there were fifteen horses in the lineup some ten thousand people attended today the track that is known as churchill downs named for the family that used to own the land where this race track sits hosting the one hundred forty four run for the roses twenty horses set to go before a crowd of one hundred fifty thousand and kurt touched on this earlier if you're going to run in the kentucky derby you better bring your a game and you better be ready to roll the minute those gates open.

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