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In the regular season do i see him doing it in the early part of the season no i do not that's going to be alex mrs job annick alex will probably play in start most of the year you're going to see patrick get a lot of snaps the in in preseason because that's really the only time that they're gonna they've got to get him ready if something goes along with alex if he gets injured so they got to use the preseason to do it because once a regular season begins in the games early count in the standings than new you're not going see of patrick now the whole thing in that offense there is a lot of screen passes there is a lot of short dump off to the running back in so that's an easy way for rookie too they've deep to be successful the nfl losing i've always said when comparing the two guys that i felt that alex smith has more mobility because people forget how good of a runner alec smith is as a quarterback but watching mahomes escaped the pocket a couple of times on friday i was actually impressed by his mobility he's got mobility in the difference between say him and alex is patrick and fling it nba inese gatt the that's how this was down he rolled out just one game near the armed strength that he's got it is is that a different level in what alex's now there's you know where to go the football as well as alex not even close but that's expected in i don't i'm gonna put this in perspective for people to understand in maybe this will sink in better than just saying it but you know bill walsh gave joe montana a half feel reach for three years okay so in it's one of the best quarterbacks we've seen maybe ever at serving the feel and being you know smart what the football and accurate with the football i think we have to understand that while we see certain quarterbacks have success early each it's really in asking them to do limited things in the play around him in most cases it's gonna take a good three to four years for these guys to fully be able to develop and run on offense at that an nfl level non people might say what give them a little bit you can do that and that's what.

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