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They've even got a guy who compared persecution of carbon to persecution of the Jews in Nazi Germany. You know, I get called denier. And all anyone who objects to all of the height gets called a denier that's supposed to make me whole cost denier. I'm getting tired of that. And the comment I made the demonization of carbon dioxide it's just like the demonization of the poor Jews under Hitler government dioxide is actually been fit to the world. And so were the Jews. They also just announced that they are nominating. This woman the US ambassador Canada Kelly night craft as the next ambassador to the nation's is a huge deal. That's a cabinet level post. Okay. And this is what this individual said about literally the most pressing global challenge do yourself leaving Clinton. I believe there are signs that they're both on both sides. That are accurate you leave it there. Scientists science that there is. This is not causing climate change. Well, I think that both sides have they have their own. Results from their studies. And I appreciate and respect both sides of the science. Your possible next UN ambassador America, by the way, crass husband is a billion her Cole executive who the New York Times report has very close relationship with former EPA chief Scott Pruitt, meanwhile, back on planet earth, literally Democrats are engaged into spirited debate about how big to go is the climate crisis in excess central threat that exists on another plane in which all old ways of doing things need to be thrown out and rethought. Or is it just another problem? We face a real one that we have to use our current tools to evaluate and fix to Heather, my needs senior fellow demos and emotional plea for urgent action yesterday on meet the press and your tenant who president at the center for American progress. So I think this green new deal debate is interesting because it's first of all let's just say that it's only happening in one part of American politics because there's a side that is doing things. Like nominating that UN ambassador who can't like there's just nothing happening over there. Right. What do you see the debate? What are the axes of debates that are happening here Heather, so I think. Everything changed when the latest UN climate report came out, my son was a month old when that came out, and I sat there and just had all the range of feelings when you realize this person you've just brought into the world is going to be inheriting if we do nothing and over the next twelve years, basically a nightmare. So, you know, I think most of the Democratic Party much of the mainstream has been working for a very long time for ten years for twenty years on a plan that frankly has just been surpassed there is now a new goal post. I wish that there weren't there is and so the green new deal the resolution the idea the vision that I will say is popular immensely popular, just in its raw form, the idea of using this crisis as an opportunity to rebuild the American dream and to channel that American ingenuity that I grew up thinking was our hallmark as this country that we were superman and that when a meteor was going to be coming towards the planet. Absolutely. This country would suit up and get to fighting that idea of the green new deal something that is aboriginal. But also absolutely the minimum that we need to do in order to stave off planetary disaster..

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