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It's all that water packed snow to blame actually seeing now is heavy snow that has been weighing. Down branches. It's now being cleared off those branches by the rain, and that has been shed off. Is branches are springing back up. And that's when they're coming in and making contact with our lives. Seattle city light spokesman Scott Thompson says almost twenty nine hundred customers still don't have power, but that's a marked improvement. Puget Sound energy says about sixty two thousand customers are without power. No estimate yet for full restoration parts of the region are seeing snow turned to rain while communities to the north have experienced more heavy snowfall. Komo's Corwin Haeck reports from one of those very snowy locations northeast King County in the higher elevations of the Bothell Kirkland area accumulations from last week to today are well over a foot farther, north even more. So Justin Evans is with public works in the city of lake Stevens. He says his road crews continue racing to keep up with the winter weather. Yeah, it's coming in waves. And that's why we've been on trying to keep on top of it. Because if we don't go constantly around the clock, then it builds up and we'd get behind as conditions continue to change deep snow on top of ice have left many households snowbound. Corwin hake. Komo news that heavy snow continues to leave many households stranded in lake Stevens alita Ramirez struggles to drive up a local hill. So when I got to the top my car started spinning I've always felt safe in my car because I I drive a pilot. It's an all wheel drive, and I have all weather tires. But when when you have black is more than the snow. It's the black ice. You just can't control your car. One of the many examples of how many drivers conditions remained very unsafe coming up another blast of winter made for an extremely challenging commute in.

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