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Simply means to be all in. You shouldn't flirt around with the idea of owning a business unless you're all and the Polian hill eloquently wrote about this and his book think and grow rich that he wrote as a result of being commissioned to do so by the late great, Andrew Carnegie in nineteen o eight in this book thinking grow rich. I wanna read a passage from the book, and then I went up to miss amber cola, the co, founder of coal fitness as to why it's so important to sign your goals to print your goals into live those goals to print them out then to sign them into live him. So this is what Napoleon hill writes. He writes along while ago, a great warrior faced a situation which made it necessary for him to make a decision which ensured his success on the battlefield. I wonder what it was. He was able he was about to send his armies against a powerful foe who's men outnumbered his own sounds like starting a business. He loaded his soldiers into boats sailed to the end into the enemy's country. It sounds like he's going after an industry. There's already a big competitor. He unloaded his soldiers and then gave the order to burn the boats that carried them. I'm sure the guys who are burning the boats thought to themselves as probably trick is probably a genius move. I wonder why we're putting the votes addressing his men before his first battle. He said, you see the boats going up in smoke. That means that we cannot leave these shores alive, and that's we win. We have no choice. We win or we parish pretty intense. They want every person who wins in any undertaking must be willing to burn his ships and cut all sources of retreat only by doing so can one. That means you be sure of maintaining the state of mind what the state of mind known as a burning desire to win, which is essential to success Ambert. Why do you have to print out your goals? Sign those goals and live those goals? If you want to have success in the areas of fitness or in business. Well, you have to visually be able to see that goal and be reminded of that daily and wanna go back to equations for twenty two that you had talked about. You've got to get rid of that former way of life that's burning the bridges you're being corrupted by those deceitful desires. So part of it is you've got to make the change and that first commitment to yourself and getting it written on paper so you can visually see it and not only hold you accountable, but you also make a statement to everyone else in your life. Everyone else around you that those are your goals. That's the win, and that's your desire. And that kind of tells everyone else around you that you're burning the ships, Charles, I wanna get your take on this because once you've signed the document you put on your frigerator, you put it on your mere, whether it's about growing business or getting in shape once you've committed to something. Then you've got to resolve in your mind that you're going to commit to the next four weeks. You gotta say, hey, if I'm going to do this whole fitness thing, I got to commit to four weeks in my mind. I'm not gonna worry about fifty weeks. I'm just not gonna quit for the first four weeks. You live food will still be there. You can still be successful top of mind, awareness, print it and put it right in front of the mirror when you get up and get ready in the morning. So you see it every day. So the first thing you do is you see it right when you wake up right when you get ready and you see it everyday staring in the face if you have to copy it and put it on the fridge. So every time he walked to the fridge, the pantry, you gotta you gotta get that top of mind awareness that reminder that you have committed to four weeks. You have burnt the bridges on your former self that you are a new creation and you're going to be successful regardless of what it takes. You will not die. You will still survive and food will still be there and you can be successful George, Washington, Carver, who is a man who was born a slave..

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