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Here comes Your noise. What's that noise? Is that something you'd hear upstairs at Joe's house? I'd run. I don't care if I ate 66544 my thing. You know the noises. Remember, you could pick who you want to run the game round that might give us some good luck there. Tony Jordan's got the morning traffic. Tony what's going on? There's Caltrans work on the 91 both directions again this morning. So be work zone alerts the westbound side in Norwalk Boulevard. Carpool Lane is shut down. The drive is backing up from the five eastbound side. The carpooling is shut down or what Boulevard and that's backing up from pioneers again and be works on alert through that stretch. That project will run about two o'clock this afternoon. 15 freeways, outbound side in the home pass. By freeway South homicide. You're coming into Somar just gets to the four or five. There's an accident there with a couple of big rigs that are evolved. Looks like all lanes are still blocked in the drive is backed up. Solid issue coming away from the 14 sat outside. The 14 is pretty heavy from Sand Canyon is you make your way over towards the five might have a little bit of extra company there on the south side of the 14 because there's a major sig alert in the home past south bound side of the 15. Just before you get to Ken would they do have two right lanes available for you now, But that drive is fact of solid coming away from Main Street. The 1 38 is mess both directions and it's really just going to be tough to get through that stretch, So a lot of people are headed over towards the 14 this traffic aboard a sponsored by T Mobile for Business T Mobile business advantage right now get up to 90 days of unlimited free on business plans. When you switch stop by for details, plus taxes and fees complete port within 60 days, customers over 50 gigabytes per month have lower speedster congestion Video at 40 P Unlimited on our network. C t mobile dot com for details. From this.

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