Baker Mayfield, Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers discussed on The Stephen A. Smith Show


You can create a hierarchy of quarterbacks in the league yes situation matters but to give you an example of what i mean unless you have aaron rodgers right. What team would want patrick mahomes instead of their quarterback. So i'm taking every situation in the league if any if these teams just give you their guy and get pat patrick mahomes. Who's not doing. I think both sides right here. Okay and i never say that. But i get your point if you were to exchange baker mayfield for patrick mahomes aaron rodgers right now. Yes i would rather have those two quarterbacks or russell wilson yes i he and i are saying is that for the system that they run considering the context of how we got to this point that we don't wanna put a cap on baker mayfield potential to be great in the system that he can get there. Okay i agree. I'm everybody has great. I wouldn't have what we're saying. I wouldn't rule it out for acre but if you have to take an educated. Guess there are other quarterbacks in the league right now who are not yet great who you'd also probably pick as higher upside guys than baker for example now. No not me not me. If you if you're not talking about the four five guys the rest of them do they all the same. The justice in her. He's different now key with different. Just in herbert showed a something last year as a rookie in in that particular system. Let's see what he does as a sophomore agree. Believe talking about what he hasn't done yet will be good much. Like i believe baker mayfield. We'll be good for the cleveland. Browns broad li li fi. Qb's li the rest of them are all the same to me. So now you've come full circle to the point. I originally made their most guys are in the middle somewhere. There's some extreme out wires. No good was annexed. Some extreme outliers. Who are really good. I'm not putting baker mayfield in the extreme outlier. Great category with rogers mahomes. You are the one who is. Yeah nobody here. Nobody's playing.

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