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I welcome once again management it probably starts here with the S. l. m. a radio show and the man who has put it all together keeps it alive and growing all the I'm not wearing is a special Reagan had today so I don't know maybe he's not feeling over mere hey jim Equipmet this eleven years we've had five hundred twenty eight episodes in twelve thousand six hundred and six listeners in this week the show is also available through itself anybody who has an Alexa APP simply has to choose he'll go up in the APP chooses skill and Games search for US elevate and go ahead and choose accessibility Arabia when they can listen to it anytime that they feel like isn't that great isn't social media wonder why I appreciate that you have your device in the room there and started talking to you a minute minute you said her name did you hear that the background yeah EXAC CLINT IT AK say way I'm excited today about this regular show we could say I'm always excited about all the shows but Jocelyn Brown comes doing this I listen to her on sales pipeline radio when she did Osho there the art science it's of customer loyalty community advocacy and more than she was on there with Matt Heinz all year so go invert we added that show your his side also fall yes I am did it was a great program I raised up to Joson talk more about this issue of the customer being the center of everything so title where program today is the payoff when customers of the center of everything for marketing and Sales Jocelyn Brown is the senior vice president custom there's and revenue she oversees sales and customer success teams at our kids allocate is a marketing platform recognized leader in Marketing.

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