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You'll move all over it. The microphone has to stay in one place so I would. As I was singing I would go past it erskine but from where I was standing it sounded great so you kind of orbited between that you know even the even the crowd. It was a little alarming. Because you're in you're in a big. I don't know how many people sit here. Eight hundred eight hundred seven fifty. You're in a big. You're in a big auditorium which you really wants us to know. Thank you eighty. Wow so you're in a place that you expect to be stable and eight hundred eighty eight seat room and instead as I'm sitting in the back I'm watching all the heads in front jerk in unison and I realized how bad a Job Star Trek does everybody pretends to be bouncing in their seats because they never quite nail that like totally synchronous left left. Right right left. It was it was a wonder to behold you haven't spent as much time watching a speedboat crash videos as I because it's a major feature of a speedboat crash everybody's in it and then they start jerking like that and then and then you know. This is about to happen what we talk about. You accused me of not watching enough speed sick of it anyway. Between that and the muster drill at the lifeboats I was thinking more about shipwrecks than I was hoping to on my first day aboard a cruise. Why no how anxious you are about most disasters because we talk about disasters quite a bit in our lead lines studio but how. How like freaked out. Are you about ocean? Disasters specifically ship sinking in general. No because here's the thing about. The nautical industries is designed to give you the impression you're on a building which is going to be just fine like all the other buildings in your experience and of course that is the lie on which the cruising industry runs. It's all very precarious. I think and they don't want you to think about that. Which takes A. I'm noticing a Holland. America employees. Starting to come down and both sides with Mike. Speed pulled away from me with giant nets. I'm sure we're all perfectly safe from this but Throughout history see travel has not historically been the safest thing to do. Even if you're a wealthy passenger feels invincible. Wait a minute. Wealth can't buy your way out of an ocean liner crash. It did not in mid April nineteen twelve when the titanic went down on a cold night in the Atlantic Ocean. Our story begins in eighteen sixty long before the titanic incident when a writer named Morgan Robertson a former. Us Merchant Marine turned jewelry maker so the American dream. Basically when you get out of the Merchant Marines you really. You're the world is your oyster. And you just want to sit at. Farmers markets in your. It's funny thank you. And you just want to Ken Ken Jennings level funny. Yeah you want to sit at farmers markets in your in your nautical turtleneck and show off the Chunky Turquoise Jewelry. You've been working on. It did not work out for him. And so he became a writer and began writing a very popular genre short story at the time. Kind of manly adventures of the people loved the muscles and the Froth and the anchors and all of the above he was never well paid. He's one of these penny award pulp writer guys. But he was one of the leading nautical riders of his day. He also wrote a story predicting submarines would have one day. Have a three hundred. Sixty degree periscope. We can dream and then he went home and decided to invent one. Wow there is the lens technology. Wasn't there at the time but a Davinci this guy. So he did his own hammering and blowing of glass and finally built a prototype of his three hundred. Sixty degree periscope. Unfortunately when he told the patent office they said No. The French already have plans for exactly this. And his his dreams of a life of ease went out the window but the point is that he's a forward thinking man. I feel like the number of like truly useful inventions that that were sort of initiated by failed pulp writers who were former marines should be an entry in the omnibus. What if this is the only one? Oh yeah this is it. He says ban the wreck of the Titan. His life came to a somewhat sad. And I don't want to linger on it. But he drank a little too much. He was not a happy man his body. I found the New York Times account of his death. He was found in a New York. Hotel Room in Nineteen fifty-nine. Sorry Nineteen Fifty Nineteen fifteen dead standing up which? I don't know how you manage. I have a new Parisian. How do I do this? I'M GONNA spend the rest of my life making sure this happened standing up with his head leaning on the bureau.

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