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Apparently box in the adds to the Pepsi penalty. Kill. Apart today. No power play goals. The avalanche over three deduct czar over one and Kate. Twenty-seventh overall in the National Hockey League much better on the road, though, only allow twenty five power-play goals in one hundred thirty one opportunities to three neighbors is the San Jose Sharks? Again, they're the most road penalized team in the National Hockey League at one hundred thirty in the most overall. Thanks up by the ducks. Here's Guli makes his way in a circle down low looking centering pass away by the ads gets off has it back and pass tipped in front. Eric johnson. We'll get it away coward off the wall down ice. Speech daniels. Wrong working didn't do anything with it. Ten forty to go in period, number two. One twenty three to go in Bork's minor against live. Zone center and passes. A stick of Eric Johnson. It's wider group. Our ads collect him. Landis Gakuen clear try to skate it out sprung has it's still in the app. Centering pass off the stick of Eric Johnson. Floats one for Carl Soderberg with his glove and Soderbergh is able to sail it down towards John Gibson out of his net to play at near signed circle picked up by Ryan gets live. Pass her riccar calendars probe our comes out to play. It got it away. From Raquel, which is a good thing at the moment. But now our has to reset himself down to help on this, Dan Schorr for the ducks. Plays a backup the far wall. Very working with a backhand pass tonight. But he can't clear power keeps it in Cam Fowler pass along the blue line backpedaling.

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