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You watch the whole event on friday did today. I did and y- being that. We had tom join us a couple of weeks previously talking about the complications around the streaming and pool. Like little bit of to tom before. We actually get into the show to the racing because when he joined us a few months ago he said i'm going to put this thing on and he did it didn't he actually At least minor he yes he did he pulled it off for for what was a relatively small number of athletes. You know when we see so many big races and things going on the intentions are to you know take entry fees and that and the other for this one. It was smooth fields in both the men's women's with a single intention of running the olympic qualifying time which brilliantly. But chris thompson and steph davies. Date i mean i was. It was fantastic. She because i was watching them on. The treadmill was so inspiring. I missed the walks. 'cause they weren't earlier but i got straight onto the to the maratha. And like you say. I think that being the had been some doubts may be about the cool about You know just the timing of the race excetera but actually looking at looking at the results in king tashi steph davies on the people the race. It seems like it when it was definitely a success and everyone really enjoyed it and some people can't have some phenomenal times especially the women and the men on shore the an ngo tesla bit more nor is it but it was fantastic. Watching the coverage was great. As well was really good to actually be able to see british rama's g king out absolutely ryan in tokyo spoke about this previously on the show. Sometimes that elite domestic top level racing gets lost when the race is consumed by another race. You if you're watching a race within a race whereas we were really able to focus on the brakes race and the top contenders in change. So yeah it made for just before we bring in jian actually may fantastic viewing because laps were taken off. a little. Bit of interest will talk a little bit more. A thomas in steph steph davies run in particular at now but the way for me the absolute highlight there were two but the absolute highlight was tomatoes. Last one hundred meters when you saw him run towards the tape and on his face. Yeah you could just see. It can unique crossed the line just before he got about twenty meters before he crossed the light inside the olympic qualifying time. You know running. I think to ted end what he run to ten african to ten fifty to ten fifty new. I think you choose chicken. Fifty multi seconds. I think inside forty seconds inside the olympic qualifying time just five days after the birth of his son. Theo and just about a month or show three weeks before he turns forty. You could see 'em light shouting and crossing the line an incredible show of emotion and then that was followed up with the second most brilliant thing which is post to. Isn't it enough that it was just amazing to see like. I've lost a love a little bit for elite running to be honest in the last few years and this reignited a passionate. So thanks bedford. Thanks chris thompson. And thanks chris davies and everybody else who who ran but to tell us about it what it was like on the day what we chat to and gender is welcome to the show. Hi there al. Thank you for having me so you were there. You were dine that what was it like. Yeah it was..

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