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A bit of great solutions for last mile delivery small parcel things like that Why not a motorbike Well this is a fully enclosed cabin We made a niche right between micro mobility which our motorbikes and scooters and cars And part of this it's classified as a motorcycle It does Best Buy there but you have power windows power brakes You get in eating cooling air conditioning heated seat back up cameras So it's everything you could expect from a vehicle Highway speeds 80 miles an hour a hundred miles of range It just gives you a lot more flexibility in all kinds of weather That you might not get out of a two wheel vehicle And then it gives you all the efficiencies that you would get on before wheel So how many been delivered today We've got over 60 vehicles that we've delivered to consumers and fleets And that was electromechanical CEO Kevin pavlov with Bloomberg's Caroline Hyde All right now let's get to some of the bigger vehicle makers because Ford is doubling capacity for its battery powered F one 50 lightning to 150,000 trucks after getting a lot of interest in the pickup And Ed Kumar goji is president of the Americas and international markets for Ford is all this is going on And this particular pickup starts at just over $39,000 Tells Bloomberg's Tom Keane and Lisa Brahma wits It's not the price that has people so excited.

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