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Giving other. Spot tell me where the third spot is real good about. That Now I'll be able to tell you the temperature within fifteen degrees. Hi it's John Williams it's to almost. Thirteen now on WGN we're on the AllState skyline studio downtown Chicago on social media I'm WGN King John and stern Facebook and Twitter Hey you guys. Know how I've been trying to help Violeta and everybody listening at home remember the phone number. For one of our sponsors that Kaplan law, firm that does debt relief you know if you've got a student loan and I said it's actually a pretty easy phone. Number, to remember because their phone numbers thr- will help us with this okay. So this is Mike Ditka driving through the Chicago land area going, around so if three one two. For Chicago and mean, for downtown Chicago. Then he's taking to ninety four so that's two nine four Tri state and then it's. Mike Ditka which, everyone knows his numbers eighty nine. Times to. So eighty nine eighty nine three hundred to? Two, hundred forty nine hundred did they tell us to stop doing that no. But I was thinking the other day because you said, yesterday go sure everybody. Knows sixty nine Mike Ditka and I. Said close but it's eighty nine so I thought what athlete jersey numbers is it? Fair to expect the average Chicago, and, would know Right so I don't know. To be honest with you Violette if I would have been able, to pull Mike Ditka to my. Hat somebody reminded me, of that we. All know Ditka but some of us didn't see him play we've remember him coaching so. Is discuss number, eighty nine if you'd stopped me. Before we. Did this campaign I wouldn't have known that? So, now I gotta come up with some other little just names and numbers. For for instance if I said not that the phone numbers is is Kerry. Wood's number but if I said it's. Kerry wood driving around the metro you would know what number Eight Bertran Kerry Wood's number is eighteen eighteen, is wrong it's forty one It's not Kevin what's carry what's number same as Walter Payton's Thirty four I always get the, last one You don't. Need to explain veal it's okay? I mean because you know. What this is instructive to me so, you did. Not know carry. Water Walter Payton? We're thirty four how, about this. Scottie Pippen oh yeah that's twelve Twenty two. No eight three. Is a big? One I know twenty. Thirty three Okay so Twenty-three. Is. Who. You thinking of you let him but that would be Michael Jordan okay excellent what's Jordan's other number, because this problem you can't say Jordan's number even though, you, probably. Think Twenty-three but he to. What was the other number Translucent matter Okay and then what was the? Third number he wore When somebody's. Toes. Jersey out of his locker and on? Valentine's Day Wow now there's a trivia? Question he wore twenty three forty five and what's the other one I don't know It, was. Twelve well no it was? Team USA number I believe. It was nine I do remember that, too I think but if you can't get twenty three I mean there. Are people. Across the, world that will get twenty three. That's true I mean when I played. Was twenty three. So, I, knew that there you go How about this. One Kevin. Ryan sambergen oh I know this one, that one I know Joe Twenty-three Twenty-three gale sayers forty forty you driving. Around Chicago. And you're, going to remember the the jersey. Number for Frank Thomas that would be Anyone forty five thirty. Five thirty five Bobby hull was sixteen How about Jonathan tapes has anybody heard a? Jonathan tapes around here Number I just. Captain captain nineteen is number see Patrick Kane? Is wasn't Bobby Hall nine Bobby hole was I'm to go back. And look because I don't trust myself. Enough. To confirmed that if you question. It suddenly I doubt Well this is my point so My point being that we all aren't perfect on these numbers originally wore number, sixteen in seven as a black but later. Switched, to his famous number. Nine Which was not none of, those what you said I think which one Which one Sixteen I like I know who the big Blackhawk players Makita, and hall, and tapes, and Kane and. So forth Esposito But I didn't remember all their numbers. So I googled. Bobby hold jersey and the first thing that came up with sixteen I, should have, paid more, attention sorry about. It STAN McKay to Twenty-one Brian Urlacher. Would be fifty four, fifty four. Violeta all over it dick Butkus linebackers for two hundred Alex fifty one the one. Single Terry fifty How about Sammy Sosa Sounds twenty right twenty one twenty. Two twenty. One. Twenty-one same number STAN Makita Ernie. Banks was fourteen. Ron Santo was? Ten Paul kinetico was fourteen Kris Bryant who. Used to play for the cubs why do I. Always forget his number seventeen. Seventeen that's not an easy to remember number I really didn't even know baseball players wear numbers I was gonna say baseball probably basketball is the one you really you really? Thinking numbers when it comes to bask. In football football. Because quarterback you the cubs even. Or where do I just? Making sure are you new hair Violeta to the country Maybe the planet His. Baseball they were they were scarves, that have numbers Underhand, side of. Their socks as you all know They're going to be The thing is baseball you see the face you really you get to know the the body share looking for the numbers and they're. Not moving very fast but on right there just standing there for two. And a half hours you get to just look at Rizzo standing. Over by first base They're completely covered in gear then and you don't see their helmet The helmets on you don't see their face Rizzo's forty four. Robin Ventura was Twenty-three Brett farve number four Didn't play for teams did he. Jay Cutler. Was shoot, I'll, fix you talking about this star very Cavaliers He played football Pro football player And I guess we're done, with this Ron. Harper number nine I. Don't know why I always. Remember. That one okay I had a dick Allen down, this one to. Show off at fifteen. But what about all in. Creuse Fifty seven this, is fun for me because. Me, and. My idiot buddies will do this sometimes and we're just, sitting around we'd play the number. Game yeah right so how is it that I didn't know Scotty Pippin but I knew all in Cruz how, did you not know Scottie Scottie All right and this is the thing that, we do to each other there's. No point in turning on? Our friends Doc in amazement go how do you The movies when somebody tells you they haven't seen any of you never seen that movie encounter, with their own movie and you're like I've never seen it Kevin smarter because he knows, Scottie Pippen's number Sports are like unbelievable you guys just with your stats and all Yeah, there's no reason to but, if you're looking for a. Reason yeah you just use it like I think it just unmasks you were looking. To turn on, your, friend and then like you were already mad Oh that's right You don't know. Dick Allen's number he played in the seventies probably. About, something else Mad at him I we haven't. Robert and Scottie Pippen's number now Toni Kukoc number.

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