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Kid it's also being reported the teen who was also charged with armed robbery as implicated two other teenagers and the attack and my P. D. commissioner German Shea tweeted cops are making significant progress in the case and will have major updates soon I'm Lisa G. W. O. or it is a fourteen year old suspect is being questioned and police are also looking for a thirteen year old nearly three months after the friendly fire death of an NYPD officer the department is releasing body camera footage of the shooting in the Bronx video shows the struggle outside the eating walled houses on September twenty ninth between police and armed suspect twenty seven year old Antonio Williams according to then NYPD commissioner James o'neill thirty three year old officer Brian mall keen fired five shots with fellow officers firing ten additional shots the suspect did not fire any rounds willful keen and Williams were killed two one way PT officers are being treated for injuries after a crash with an S. U. V. at one hundred and forty First Street in Amsterdam Avenue and Hamilton heights Friday night one of them has a head injury the other hurt their leg it's not clear what led to that accident the driver of the SUV was also taken to the hospital while leaders from around the state of New Jersey discussing Tuesday's deadly shooting in Jersey city Scott Pringle has more the governor Murphy held an interfaith roundtable discussion at temple Beth sell an attack on one community in this state whether it be law enforcement whether it be the Jewish community regardless of what it is it's an attack on all of us recalls Jersey city the most diverse community in the country now the mayor Steven fall pieces of anti semitism and racism can exist in his city then it can exist anywhere and as far as what happened Tuesday to it's going to be a long long road back and it's gonna take a lot of healing and a lot of time the forty say the two shooters were motivated by hate for.

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