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Me, apparently. I think this is a good life. There's only been maybe 5 or 6 presidents. You gotta just shoot in the dark, you'll probably get one of them. After each mission, you go to The White House and do a thing with the presidents and it just blurs in with all the rest. Yeah, I'm sure. When you were in space, you mentioned you took at the time, I guess music on CDs. Yes. Do you take a lot of them? You had about 15 CDs. I still have them. I'm going to actually give them to the children's museum to put on display as a part of the exhibit. Doctor Wolfe is the scientist in residence at the legendary children's museum of Indianapolis, one of the most famous children's museums in the world. People come from all over the place to see it. And I know you guys are building a gigantic space display that will actually feature if I'm correct, it will feature the famous Gus Grissom capsule, the ones all the time. Yes, it will have the liberty bell 7 on display in their liberty bell 7. Mercury capsule. We have the controversy. Did he blow the hatch early or not? It was determined in the end that he did. But I think it was on display, I want to say about 20 years ago at the museum. It was when they first now it's been totally restored and they find it. Well, that was robotic activity under sea robotics. You know, kind of like the Titanic was discovered and all that. They finally kind of like, you know, the guy on the beach with the little minesweeper. She remembered how Gus Gus got out as it was filling with water. And then the helicopter came out and was trying to save the capsule. I remember this drowning. Right. Yeah, but the capsule was dragging the helicopter and they had to let it go. It started. But he's drowning 20 feet over his suit is filling with water. And too heavy and boy, was he mad. Not bad. You know, my office made it NASA walked on the moon, John young. He was my office mate for 15 years at NASA. They put the older astronauts in the young ones together, and he knew Gus pretty well. Flew with him in Gemini. Until gas was killed in Apollo one, Gus likely would have been the first man on the moon. Had he not died in the test on Apollo one, but in any case, I play Gus played handball, turns out my office mate told me. I play handball every night at the astronaut Jim. And apparently there's a lot of expletives that come out there. It's kind of a private gym. I would imagine. Apparently I've heard. And in any case, he said I haven't heard that kind of concussion come out of that court since Gus played there. I'll bet. He's got some Purdue man. He was. And there's Grissom hall that just was reopened two weeks ago. Completely reinvented industrial engineering school at Purdue. Mitchell, Indiana. Mitchell and I just went down to his house a month ago. It's very humble to say the least. All these kids living in this

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