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Max holloway because when you become popular and you make a lot of money sometimes you start to feel like you can walk on water your it maybe you don't have to work as hard move you lose the hunger although i haven't identified of that in all the way i really haven't holloway as something special he looks like he wants to be a legend in the sport uh you saw when when we talk to them today and any interviews you seen post fight he's still seems like a grounded individuals so i uh i think were safe there yeah he admitted appoint ask about his up his background there and i really liked what he had to say speaking on that georgia as far as you know maintaining studying other athletes and other other sports that he's kinda modeling after so he's maybe one of the let if we're an insurance company maybe be one of our let let lesser worried about rates don't go at yeah go there we go about way eminence for that teok oh okay all right uh so time thank you very much the for the call however sinn okay guy i value you as a as a caller if you have one more point to make i'm all ears actually oh no bearing this won't talk about the bike mad this with with how much heart everybody show male and female mandate shore and heart to cut it out frequent tired and just you know unlike the sanchez fight the plan i was giving him a lot of flak i know you'll find that he has hardly you need to get his khalil a man i i hate to see guys can't stop you bury still females gas yeah so you see guys gas out all the time and i'm gonna get out of your old that that is true that is too high.

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