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Bedford streaming Worldwide on the WB s a map and on WBS M com From ABC News. I'm Dave Packard 25,000. National Guard troops expected to be in Washington, D. C by Inauguration day insurance against the repeated the violence seen during the storming of the U. S capitol and preparations in the 50 state capitals against violent protests in Philadelphia, parts of downtown are closed off to prevent any demonstrations or protests. Pennsylvania's lieutenant governor, John Fetterman says that includes the Commonwealth's capital, right governor shut down the Capitol complex, so it's not even open to the public or anybody at this point in Lansing, Michigan, and open carry state. No stranger to armed protest security has been stepped up at the Capitol and National Guard members are on hand. Marco Malard ABC NEWS Alexey Navalny, The Russian opposition leader who was poisoned with a nerve agent last summer, has returned to Russia for the first time the Valley detained shortly after landing it in there. Port in Moscow. Russian police detained Alexei Navalny at passport control shortly after he landed back in Moscow for the first time since he was poisoned with a nerve agent last summer. The opposition leader flew from Germany, where he's being recuperating. Hundreds of his supporters and journalists had gathered to see his arrival, but the flight was rerouted by authorities at the last minute. With different airport. Russia's prison service has said it's arresting Navalny for allegedly violating the terms of a suspended sentence from 2014. It said he now will be held until the court rules whether to convert that sentence into real prison time. Patrick Regal ABC News at the Foreign Desk as covert 19 deaths approach. 400,000 incoming White House chief of staff, Ron McClain says the Corona virus pandemic will get worse before it gets better, projecting half a million deaths by spring in Los Angeles County, now with over a million Pieces in Guatemala today, soldiers.

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