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They're all bunch of other attendant costs show and i know that necessarily judgeship rather gifts uh anyway you're not the only one spending were summer weekends watching other people get married mark will you have a big wedding i do not think show no it would be something very small would you just go off on your in it all right yeah i'm i'm easily should've of embarrassed and selfconscious and i just think would be i think it'd be for me it was about having people around that i love to celebrate it witness it i have to say that your balance it against that like when you're planning a wedding you're you're thinking that throughout by kinda like that crew there out feel better it'll be fun and you want to celebrate this union in front of your friends i totally get it makes sense to me yeah so don't on any of us there well i want some of you there no i would i would like if i had if i if i get married and it would be likely i would invite everybody here yeah no but i i don't i don't know i just think that it's for me it'd be better done like you know like sure like a drug deal you know like in a dark alley you do it get out of there before anybody zillion aware of it so this isn't right around the corner then i could see getting married you know before too long but i really think the heart maybe they'll be a big reception or something yeah that'd be nice a you know daisies going to get married at a rave issue really gets her plan daisy when we come back where you tell us about your wedding plans to get married at a rave yeah for sure are at a love that daisies rave wedding when we come back tim conway junior show mark thompson sitting in on kfi am 640 here's your pay confidence former mayor omar bradley has been found guilty of frothing taxpayers he's fifty nine he was charged with felony counts including using a city credit card.

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