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To his office in to the fbi near claims that this lawyer lied about his communications with former trump campaign adviser rick gates emma somebody else only identified as person a and moeller claims that bandres one deleted emails that his office requested concerning a report from two thousand twelve with ukraine's ministry of justice don't you love the double standard so here is a special council who's working for the fbi remember he he works for rod rosenstein the deputy director of the fbi of the upside the deputy attorney general that's who more works for here we have a case were more is guarding someone on a process crime committing perjury and obviously obstruction of justice four deleting emails yet were lois lerner in the internal revenue service delete emails and obstruct justice with the united states congress she's there were held to account when hillary clinton in whom abbott delete emails why that's just a simple mistake according to the fbi director with the difference if you wanna know what a banana republic is like this is a form of banana republicanism because we have one set of rules that were going to apply rumor going after one political party and we have a different set of rules when another political party is in office and we want to protect those officeholders or those people from criminal prosecution i don't know i don't care look let me tell you this about these processes crimes generally you use these process crimes because you don't have anything else on this lawyer so as which is why you should always be very careful if you're ever called testified before cox who i get who testified before congress iit's net cool get a lawyer i don't care if you're going to testify about whatever get a lawyer because then gift just by chance you ever get in on the radar of the fbi or anybody else with law enforcement authority in prosecution authority and what you said in the hearings differs from what you tell somebody else in an interview or a deposition to get a process crime perjury obstruction of justice and in this case it very well may be that this is all that more has on this lawyer any simply using this as pressure crying to circled the wagons the circle tighter and tighter implied that may be exactly what's going on that's fine that's.

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