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To a public official and that's unfortunate be reverberation immediately people won't do it i'm very much opposed to sanctuary cities they greed crime this a lot of problems they we have to world the fun on the on california in many ways is out of control is you know obviously the voters agree otherwise it wouldn't have voted for him sanctuary cities well what they do as they've actually put the interests of illegal emigrants ahead of your interests whether it's your interest in having a public school that functions without undue burdens of uh multilingual multi challenged illiteracy overcrowded classrooms health care system burdened by people who walk in the emergency room they can't pay but you end up paying with higher higher fees higher outofpocket costs because that cost to spread to you what we've seen and crime homelessness uh any number of social pathologies cheap labour displaces hardworking americans are these these sanctuary cities politicians again donald trump has forced their hand and now we see what the priorities are luis gutierrez retiring from congress well he said then he represented illegal emigrants he actually said that oncamera this is his community so i guess to having a community of law breakers is is cope ascetic if you're in the democrat party trump exposed all this you see this was really useful for the voters to no transparency is a good thing in politics because you you now see where people stand jeff flake john mccain all these people that's good stuff but not every municipality locality is just continuing to stamp its feed and remain as a sanctuary city inla in risk it's funding for the federal federal government fred hereon is the director of public safety and bensalem pennsylvania and he's one of a dozen of the local police departments there who are now working directly with ice under president trump's new partnership programme which what it should be a federal state local partnership to crack down on illegal immigration he joins us now and it's great to talk to you fred how are ya a good great to talk to you thanks for having me i was talking to a security guard the other day and as i just met him and i always say to him he's like to talk to the people working behind the.

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