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If they will come home. And so, by the power vested in me by article four section six and article five section five of the constitution of Virginia. I will summon, the members of the Senate and house of delegates to me into Bessul session for the purpose of pass in common sense, public safety laws business, as usual with leadership shooting. Most of their members from taking tough votes by setting early morning hearings before small subcommittees won't cut Virginians deserve leadership, and they will be watching the nation will be watching Virginia's Republican House, speaker is called the special session hasty and suspect, saying it's more likely to inflame political tensions than produce real changes speaker, Kirk Cox says the Republican, the Republican will seek tougher punishments for people who commit acts of violence, California man's been freed from prison after serving twenty three years of a life sentence on a joy riding conviction. It included eight years in solitary for, possessing a book written by the co founder of a notorious prison gang his attorney Sates. Unconscionable that he was set to die in prison for nonviolent crimes. Kenneth Oliver was given the life term under California's strict three strikes sentencing law for repeat felons, three strikes and you're out. He was freed on Monday, the fate of Missouri's only abortion clinic is at stake. In a hearing scheduled for today in Saint Louis, judge. Michael, stellar will hear testimony in a hearing on planned Parenthood's request for a preliminary injunction that would keep open its abortion clinic, as stellar ruled on Tuesday that four former four former doctors in training, who worked briefly at the clinic are not required to testify at the hearing..

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