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An eventful field playoff awesome chase Elliott traffic all and they come back and win an just a really really good place. Yeah it really was so many different stories is and these races. I mean just when you thought you knew who had the momentum and what might happen in a race something totally different would happen. I know that true had a lot in raising danny dominated at Phoenix but still there were compelling stories throughout the racist and some drivers that made the playoffs. Kyle Larson got back to Victory Lane. You mentioned Chase Elliott Elliot Ryan Blaney. So some guys that you know we talk about the big names. Well some of the guys that maybe we didn't have going to victory lane prove they deserve to be in the playoffs by winning advancing dancing. Yeah perhaps the move of the play. Offs is somebody who is a lot of people. Don't know their name Caitlyn Larson. She Victory Lane. She brought a whole `nother level level down to the bare victory lane. Carl said he couldn't do it but she could so I love this because she is a racer. She comes from a racing family. She appreciates being in Victory Lane. And why we're here to have fun right well that's JP Kyle Larson's PR man in the blue there. And I was saying that he spilled more and took longer than Caitlyn license. So she's even the All star of that duo right there absolutely. I think she gained a whole another set of fans for Kyle Larson right there that afternoon. Okay we're going to do what we shouldn't do we're going to. We already were. They let us do it at. What's one more? So we're the GO-TO thick going to championship next year. Like the way too early predictions that I'll start it out. I'll give surprise you. Yes I'm surprise you I'm GonNa take ours. I think the winner is coming from Joe. Gibbs racing rule changes coming for twenty twenty one that to me means a major injured vantage two teams. That are running. Well now. Look at Joe Gibbs racing I feel like they are the best team and I think that helps me more next year. Not many. You're going to have to kind of split your attention attention getting ready for twenty twenty one and twenty twenty. I think Kyle Larson. I'm sorry I think Martin Checks Junior. His team bring the most amount of speed that racetrack every week. I'M GONNA go with Martin Ex. You know we were going to have to do this can i. I how about this is my too early prediction. Then I'm not gonNA pick a champion but I'm Emma predict a guy is going to go and join the multiple winner column and at Somebody Who's not even in the winter column. I Have William buyer and not only breaking through in two thousand twenty breaking through and winning more than one rates. Yeah talking to multiple winning season for William Byron drive twenty four just too good the second half of the season season Chad canals. Coming back top of the box first time in four or five years or have any consistency. Too early predicts that has not WanNa race multiple civil win that moving them young guys. They've show enough and showing that they deserve to be there. And so I like that idea. I'm going to give you a champion. And he's back-back Kyle Busch but my big news is is that the wood brothers get win number one hundred for them and it's Matt to Benedetto. That gets them there and they might win more than one race. Also I believe but I believe that he gets at least that number one hundred for the wood brothers I. I'm not sure there'll be anybody more enthused to be in their car in Daytona that Mattie and it could be the Daytona five hundred where he gets done how. `Bout that we're brothers back is they're making me feel bad. y'All take two drivers that have no wins between the two of them and said they're both going to win. Multiple races here picks martan-chu rex. I mean the low hanging fruit and you want a crazy one. I'm going to go back to back back. We'll be no rain. No Rain racetracks until twenty. Didn't we hear that earlier. This you hope it works. It's time to see did you. Ah Money Nascar America because he is the last time you buy Joy Gordon. Sorry your first. So when we come back and we're going to deliver some well-deserved shout out it'll be fun and.

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Jp Kyle Larson, Caitlyn Larson, Victory Lane discussed on NASCAR America

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