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Keep justice wait record emmy communities and our wedensday's mission this is life along the the finance him elaine welcome to in studio with life of the loss team where we ask questions about the law get some answers or at least start looking for the answers each month we presented investigative feature report about the law and two weeks later like today our team meets up in the studios of kqed in san francisco to talk about our investigations and all things law i'd like to introduce you to our in studio team today and they can brief you on who they are and what they bring to the table first off brittany butterworth hi nancy good morning my name is brittany and i'm an attorney in san francisco um and i'm also the advisory board chair for life the law thank you assauge you bossy on its earnings argue boss in honor professor uc berkeley and tony gannon i nancy i am your producer i may documentary filmmaker thank you and we're welcoming kerstin jesuit title are postproduction editor to our first in studio welcome kerstin alone and say tell us about yourself i am curious and jesuits title and i am life laws postproduction editor and otherwise them underemployed on over educate ubs and that's why we love a so we're going to go into part one of our if there are parts organised begin our conversation talking about our most recent investigative report radio silenced tony you worked with our reporter in costs on this story what did you tell us about what we found in radio silence.

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