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All right just that quick. We are back. We're talking. See I said before the break that you have see fight, island, one or fight night want seventy two had the title fight. That is incorrect. It is next, Saturday that has the title fight on the eighteenth figured out over his Joseph Ben Evita's. We shall see. Everyone makes weight. because. That's the and is the fourth time the charm for Josephine Evita's. That's. That's going to be interesting that we'll talk about next week so This Wednesday card is headlined by Dan Age and. Kelvin Qatar. Govern Yeah Karen Cater Damage Frankie. Yes. Pedro news came down with the. With the. The confined some replacement, which sucks for Frankie because had to get down to wait and he's got an opponent. Algebra. Sterling jumped on. Twitter was like I'm heading out there and then he's tweeted later. It was like no, I'm not. SMART move so. That's someone has a good manager. Where they were like. WHOA will like you mentioned this up for us. You better wait. Yes Oh. That's smart camp by him. Let's touch on UFC two fifty one. Let's go down I'm trying to look at the prelims real quick. There's eight prelims fights on this. These prelims are going to be long, but a preliminary events. Probably the only one I'm interested in opening mirrors back. I don't know what does Amir has left. Even only thirty years old. I mean Hugh. Local Push push out of produce. Hiking like OATMEAL was hot, and they ran into corner, and they lost three in a row so. Granted. He lost three in a row against some tough competition Dominic Reyes Anthony. Smith Dana is nothing to sneeze at but He's in that The global to Shera area right now. We like a notch below the top light heavyweight division to win streak though. So yeah so far. I mean he he should win this fight and you know. What do you do Y-? This car has a the preloading in. I mean even though you. It's just a lot. It's a lot of lights. Hopefully we'll get some good fights out of this, but I could care less when you talk about the main card. Yup, so, we opened up. Men rebus versus page van Zandt. This is the contract fight for page Vincent? She's talked a lot about how she's made more on instagram that she has fighting the UFC. Dancing with the stars made more so on and so forth. She can now do that full time because I believe she loses this fight. And the UFC pretty much told her you want more money. For. This should be honest like a top. Fringe top fifteen fighter. In that flyweight division that you want more money, you want to be paid like a star. All right coming. Prove it. Fight someone WHO's? At least record, wise and performance, wise legit and show us that you're still. The fighter looked like you were going to be three years ago. When you and rose had one hell of a fight, and she you know, eat it out, showed toughness, and then went and completely opposite directions. The Patriots in conversations always going to be interesting to me because. The felony. You'll see like her and says North Korea to five zero c wanting to push. Desperately wanted to push those too, but the problem with page is not the problem with some of these other fighters page doesn't win. Page won. Her first three, you have sufficed before she ran into rows and got choked out in the fifth round. Integrate fight. But since then she's two and three. And she yes, she's a fringed top fifteen. Issue Marketable sure. She can do all that stuff out the. She made a lot of money dancing with the stars. That's great. But she a good fighter. No. She's she's okay. She the good fight. She's not a great fighter. I mean do not worth being paid like a superstar. She's okay this. Almost some people look at this as a false equivalent, but she's like my Perry. You're not a top fifteen fighter. You've, you can have good fights, but no as expecting you get one at title anytime soon, nobody sees it. There hasn't been that development as a fighter that we've seen from page. Say Oh yeah. She's GonNa hit her stride. It hasn't happened yet. When it happens, then we can talk about getting paid more money. But why would I pay more I? Mean also the point where she's on this main car to open it up, she's. But she's a pretty average fighter. So when she talks about you know I got paid more than dancing with the stars. At least you got that opportunity because you'll see, put you in a position to succeed like that. That's the north. Cut You on main cards as an average ASS fighter. Pays fanzine. You're on main cars as an average fighter. You start off high, but then you start losing so. The argument about nagging pain. I can't really listen to that from you. Page winsome fights, and like you said I'm. Probably going to beat you from pages sake. I hope she wins and then go somewhere like Bella tour. and gets paid more. But I don't think she is because she's. She's a decent fighter. She just isn't a great fighter. And even then the platform decreases so she's like oh I make more on instagram yeah. Pretty Blondes there on instagram. If you're not depre- blonde from the USC then you're just a pretty blonde. It's a whole different. Different COMP-. Competitive level when you go into Instagram, just being instagram girl, he will figure this out all the time I mean. It's cool like you know like. She Rachel Division. The last fight. Racist Hospices, the same type of fighter. Lot of people like follow her on social media because she's a pretty girl, the. Girl but she. Knows, but she has a decent fighter. Exactly pages the same way like yeah people finally on social media, but social media is not what gets you paid? You need to win fights. Part of the equation now guaranteed of page was a world beater. And had the social media following that she had, she would be getting paid more. But, come on man. This is gonNA. Be Results based on the degree. Yes, marketing is always important sports. It's why Asia and Broder still gets fights. For can't win, but there's something that's appealing about him to the general public the same page, but you can't pay. You Ain't going to get the money. You gotTA. Win Suffice you gotta be somebody. And Amanda Rivas a tough ASS fight. Probably, not GonNa win some picking reas probably by decision. Yet I'm taking it rivas by decision as well we. Just, she's be better people recently I mean should be because. Yeah and one however fight die talk, Mackenzie Dern, look tough, but during couldn't get it to the Ground Elsa I fights. It's having a child and I. Thought Mackenzie looked a lot better than her last fight. She did probably better because of it. Some fighters need that one loss. You know you shake out. You realize you don't have to be unbeatable. You don't have to be. Super Man or woman. The day you step into the US. Sometimes about getting better. So it's, it's interesting I lake. was style because she knows she can outpoint people. When she needs to. I don't think he's a finisher, so paid should be able to last all three rounds, but. I just think they're striking's at different levels. So, give me rebus and page maybe goes to Bella Tour I..

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