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For that four. One five. Eight, hundred eighty eight ten Americans money answers. Man, Jordan Goodman is joining me on the line right, now let's grab Larry Santa Rosa Larry you're on k. g. o. eight ten Yeah. Hi I'm wondering. About the. Fluctuation, medals goal seems to be rocketing downward Over a period of time And what? Do you know about that and what do? You think about the future. I think goals going lower it's interesting time of all its international tensions normally think, goal to be going up but gold. Going down and other. Things copper, has, been plummeting for example soybeans lots of commodities are falling that's telling you less demand. Because of the trade wars so I think that's. Why go is going down. It's gonna keep going down if anybody has, a place to go today it's bitcoin and bitcoin is actually been. Going up a bit lately we've got down, to a little below seven six thousand now. It's about seventy five hundred so maybe bitcoin is the new goal where people putting their money in times of stress Happening that way I know. I just there's nothing behind bitcoin so that's what always makes me feel digits digital digits Digital digits and, there's? A, lot. Of scammy ones, out. There that there are these ICO's initial court offerings most. Of them are scams right yeah. Exactly. America's money answers man Jordan Goodman is joining me on the line. Right now let's grab Dave in San Lorenzo, Dave you're on KGHM with unbear- men and, Jordan Goodman Hi I'm not trying to play pollyanna, here but if China doesn't want our. Soybean Back in the seventies people you know restaurants. Got in trouble, because they were using soy because it. Was cheaper than hamburger but now burgers, I like twice as expensive as hamburger So will they get cheaper they should because the price of soybeans. Itself has gone down a lot now whether they're gonna pass that through in a story burger I'm not sure but. The cost of soybeans has gone down dramatically in the last you, know this year as the demand is going to, be less, because the Chinese are not going to be buying so I hope that does get, passed through to the story, burger but, I wouldn't count up and by the way the new the really good new ones. Are not made, out of soya anymore that much anyway Burger and whatnot or barely soy anymore, but yeah so, that's an interesting one so we've got this we had to global. Trade war, going on the countries are working behind us doing their own free trade deals we continue to fight increasing. Sheriff's hurting the American consumer hurting American businesses and I'm curious to, hear how it's affecting people as well let's grab, another call, here Ken in San Francisco you're on Keijo ten with Ethan Bearman and Jordan Goodman Yeah hi I wanted to. Find out how is, this going to affect the shipping industries the trucking industries I. Mean. There's a lot of people that in especially in our state that have jobs? Driving agricultural products Or who work at the port and. The shippers of course to really really hurting shipping so a lot of companies are are destroying. Their ships they're pulling them apart because there's so little demand and it means shipping rates, go way down you can imagine. How much fewer exports are going to. Be of US going to China. But they're not taking our soybeans that's just one example. Of many things so shipping rates will. Go down it's going to hurt. The shipping and the dock industries I want, to go to something specific then Jordan Goodman America's money answers man joining me on. The line because I I drive around. The state a, lot and here in California. And? Two cans point so we're not, a big soy state California's we have we're all, men's, were, amens, right. Where walnuts, or pistachios were tomatoes, were the number one source for things, like. Lettuce greens Romains spinach exported I mean some of us domestic but there's a. Good amount, of exports particularly I see the trucks driving up and down the high all over the state Delivering them from the fields, to, the, to, the. Processing facilities in whatever form that, they've they are you know before they, get. Shipped off so what you're saying is those are about to start having Jeff For example It's, not California but, in Washington apples are. Very big I heard a, guy Yakama Washington apple farmer who said that ninety five percent of. His apples he ships..

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