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Yes on the location. One of those victims does include a child. The responding officers exchanged gunfire with the suspect, who was then taken to the hospital himself in critical condition. The New York State Senate is passing legislation to help small businesses follow covert 19 restrictions. Long Island representative Andy Kaplan introduced the bill, which will allow those businesses owners to give feedback to agencies about the potential impacts. These regulations may have on their bottom line and operations, Kaplan says. Small businesses have had it hard enough, and state regulation should be put In one place to create an easy resource. All state agencies that regularly interact with small businesses will now have to have a designated section on their websites. New York City detectives, unions looking for a suspect who verbally assaulted an Asian American detective. The detectives Endowment Association released a picture of that person who is accused of mocking the detective and using anti Asian slurs and happened back on March 11 down West 14th Street by eight Avenue while the detective was on duty. The D A. Says it's looking to charge the suspect with civil damages, and New Yorkers are sharing their experiences with anti Asian incidents Following a spike in assaults. James Flipping has more one of the most recent incidents involving a 65 year old woman who was beaten in midtown. There are those who say they feel unsafe. Yeah, yeah, of course, you really just have to be mindful of your surroundings and many stories back up the disturbing trend. I've seen it. The other day's big, tall guys, This is my country. Don't you don't belong here. I had.

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