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And the vehicles were left a mangled mess one of the vehicles a compact car was so badly damaged i couldn't even tell the make or model of the car what's left just the trunk even the air bags are ripped up the other vehicle a mini van also sustained heavy damage one resident heard the crash in the middle of the night and told me a woke him up he heard two loud bangs and this roadway the speed limit is thirty miles per hour but the resident tells me many cars speed down the street so hall wcbs newsradio eight eighty a gofundme page has been set up for a bergen county mother the sole survivor of a crash that killed her family in delaware fiftythreeyearold mary rose trinidad remains hospitalized her husband audie twenty year old daughter caitlin seventeenyearold danna and twins alison and melissa were killed when a wrong way driver slammed into their minivan on friday cbs reporter kelly waldron tells us friends and neighbors are grieving hard working kind and people who would do anything to help their neighbors that's how sally bell vargas described the trinidad family who live across the street from her here on greeks avenue in teaneck the father and his four daughters were killed in a horrific crash in delaware on friday there disagree family the mother tastes her daughters the twins to school we used to see her taking them to school getting them back from school vargas is devastated and worried about mary rose the wife and mother who survived the accident she's having a tough time looking across the street there's like five roses there is so so the press in teaneck kelly waldron w cbs news radio eight eighty the mets host the raise this afternoon the yanks in toronto tonight now back to the rick edelman show on wcbs.

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