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We can go into Kansas City with a run game in a defense and a veteran code. We can beat moms. It be close. But we can you never felt that with case keenum. You don't feel like Denver really has a shot to get into a shootout. So that makes. Me. Happy for football. I think in general that's better we got clarity with the ravens. We got a big strong arm guy with Denver. It's good for the league is a good thing is a good thing. And that's what happens when all these young quarterbacks come from college. The problem compla- you move out guys. Joe flack about by the way used to be you gotta Joe flacco fifteen years. He never left now veteran quarterbacks are moving. It's fun. And it's a rare thing for a quarterback of Joe flacco 's cameo he hasn't been playing great to be on the market. All right. Let me shift to this. I don't know if you watched last night the Lakers allow the Atlanta Hawks hawks are nineteen games under five hundred. They almost scored seventy points on the Lakers in the first half. What wait a minute. I was reading the newspaper a couple days ago that win over Boston. It was going to save the season. Well, that's all the NBA media guys told me. Think proclaimed Rondo shot against the Celtics guy at changes every day like urge Jappie. Now, they got beat by the crappy hawks and blown up the Sixers folks, but the ball bombs down report not support media members. Once every Laker was mentioned as trade bait you poison the locker room, they're not going to recover, and Luke Walton is toast. That's what we said. That's what I believe. And now three games in post trade deadline. This is what you have the Lakers have eight days off. And you're going to see a big push now to get rid of Luke Walton? Lebron Luke Walton have no relationship. Magic Johnson didn't hire him. I don't think he's a great coach. I don't think he's terrible. I think is substitution patterns border on random at best inconsistent at worst bizarre in random. But I will just remind you football is the coaching sport. Basketball is the player sport is Brad Stevens a good coach. Yes, he's currently a fifth seed in the east is Gregg Popovich a good coach. Yeah. Seven seat is. Erik spoelstra. Good coach. Yes. He is ninth. Seed is Rick Carlisle good, coach coaches think he's brilliant. He's an eleventh seed, okay? This is a players league. You know, Dwane Casey one coach of the year in the NBA. Do you know where he picked up his award an applebees across the street because they fired him. They couldn't get the award in the building. He was across street having lunch because they kicked him out of the building that's doing Casey coach of the year. So if you're asking me. Who the most talented teams in the NBA? Are I was thinking about this this morning, if you said who are the what of the most talented racers in the NBA? I'd say Golden State number one..

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