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Podcast one presents the chad pre show your one stop shop for comedy craziness and common sense each week youtube star invoice of the every man chad breeder brings his armchair philosophy and observational humor to the podcast world nothing is off limits and now for your host chad career everybody welcome to another episode of the chad prager show i am sitting here in the home office just got back from la and can't wait to get into this episode with you we were at the podcast one studios with good friend i'm gonna tell you about it here in a minute but i'm sitting with my best friend my lovely wife jade in she just came in after you've had should we can we tell i don't know can we tell you like you've been working with who you've been working with throughout the days and stuff or just leave l just very general yeah yeah i mean obviously you're a nurse and you are but she's having to work out of a clinic and she's having to work with a certain type of patient that she's not accustomed to working with great yeah it's been a really good experience i've been working with kiddos and bitty babies little babies yeah we don't know what to do with davies we don't believe in all of that we got we got two of them off in college now and that's it with us in baby so anyway i you know what i tell you talking about kids though and we're going to get into this here in a little bit because the guy that is a guest on the podcast today if you've had kids if you have kids in in the last twenty years last this guy has influence larger than that really i'm not gonna tell his age but he's influenced your children's lives and we're talking about him in a minute but it's going to be back here and of course we're putting the video the for the intro of this podcast on youtube on facebook but i have to say in j i have to say thank you for downloading the podcasts telling friends about the podcast leaving reviews we have gotten fantastic emails chat at watch chad jaded watch chad dot com you guys have since us some some some really great testimonials two things going on in your life and we've loved that reading those sharing them and it's a blessing to so i never been more excited about podcasting then you know this well and i definitely haven't been not on your radar at all but i i've never been i always wanted to have a podcast heath oaks and i had our podcast which i highly recommend if you're in the world of business if you're in the world leadership you're in the world.

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