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Taylor Swift continues to top the charts. The singer has scored her landmark 40th Total week at number one on the Billboard artist 100 chart. Her latest musical offering Folklore remains at the top spot for the third week on the billboard 200. I haven't heard this entire album, but I understand their Easter eggs in every single song really anything about like her romantic life, which I think we all know. I think we do. Yes, he's dated so many famous guys. So there's all these little Easter eggs in there that that should excite listeners know her well, you know, and also her new song Cardigan. People will probably be wearing a cardigan sweaters again like it was 2009. So I mean, you know she's Ah, you know, she's I think she's very talented. This sounds like a pretty good album for Are your Are your Daughters under? No, OK might be, you know, as high school they might have I grown. That's not cool. It is for 49 year old women, apparently and 6, 37 and Colorado's morning news, money, news and sports all ahead in five minutes. And we checked traffic. Now first, John more sanding the report. We got a couple of lanes blocked on the bull to Turnpike eastbound at church Ranch. Two left lanes blocked and start to back you up back toward Broomfield. Looks like they cleared that semi out of westbound. I 70 of Colorado. You're still heavy from 2 to 5, both sides to 70 loaded up south on I 25 heavy coming down through Thornton nor claimed there was an earlier crash. It 84th that's been cleared out of your way. You're westbound. I 76 drive is still a pretty busy one. Let's check the gap Project Boy. We were busy down toward large for and it's still a slow drive coming up from monument this morning construction of the right lane blocked at large bird nor found I 25 approaching council rock this reporter sponsored by indeed dot com it finding a high impact hire is a serious toll for your business Use. Indeed, they're flexible.

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