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And and people I think, just take it for granted. We got to get back to our roots and back. On solid footing and Christianity and in the culture of this country, and I don't I use that word culture very loosely, because really, the word drives me crazy, but I really feel until we get back into it, and unfortunately when the president speaks And he dug and he he or his people who have you want to phrase it. Leave that out. That was not a mistake that was not done accidentally. And it's very, very sad. And it makes me angry. Quite frankly, Dance. Be honest with you. Yeah, well, I'll tell you, it makes me angry at the people in his staff who I think just I begin to question whether or not he's in control and whether he's in charge at this point. Because if I would job I mean, Joe Biden has talked about how he has a set of rosary beads in his pocket. Now I haven't had a set of rosary beads in my pocket since I probably was in elementary school. Um and and I'm I'm sad to say that probably like many Catholics. I am not Nearly as good a Catholic as I should be Okay, although I try to be to be a good Catholic of good, Christian, whatever you wanna call it. Um, but What troubles me is that There is a religious base of people in this country that include No, not the latest from in on the western and the East Coast. But, um you know, black Americans are the best churchgoers in this country. Um, blue collar Americans, They rely upon the community of the church. And for some reason, the Democrats are looking past them. And the Republicans aren't smart enough to appeal directly to them and say, Hey, look, we have more in common than you. Then you realize, And I suspect that this probably some, you know some smart Um, when I say smart, I want to say another word with it. That is actually a word is for donkey, a smart type people in the White House who probably figured they pulled one over old Joe. On. They got the proclamation out first time in history without the word God. I mean, it would be like if they did a proclamation on the opening of the Major League baseball season and never mentioned baseball. I mean, it makes no sense. It's sad. I agreed it, then they He did that purpose for purposefully disagree with us, Shawn. Maybe we're maybe we're right. And we're wrong. We'll see. Thank you. I appreciate it. So if you agree with Sean and me that they may be pulled a fast one on old Joe Fine. Give us a call. If you think this is wonderful on that we shouldn't have a national day of prayer. Never mind a proclamation by the president. You could bring that on too. But I want to hear from you because I think we are. Let will let it slip away. We're letting what America has been for centuries slip away and the progressive left. As I call them now, because of the comment that Glenn made the other night, the walker doodles. They're running the show, and they're going to run the show in the way they want to run the show, and it's gonna be a very different America by time. Most of us wake up 617254 10 30. Tripoli. 9 to 1930 Ladies line is 617931 10 30. It's night.

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