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Aw aw aw aw aw aw your with john gibson is john gibson i am i guess if i were in florida i don't think i would vote for this this particular referendum which would just automatically restore voting rights to one point six million of felonious floridians but i do think the alabama of a way of handling it an offers a compromise which is you know it's it's either the court ordered the governor it takes a look at somebody's life since serving time in and says okay yes or no and i i just i don't think that vermont main earn their right mind allowing people to felons to vote while they're serving their sentence in maybe i think the florida and the two other states should have a lifetime ban of probably on the other end of the spectrum and in enforcing a little too much but i'm not sure just serving you time should restore your right to vote of the there's more to it than that of perhaps a let me go back to joseph in washington just so we can finishes thought so joseph you did you time no into particular state that you live in our you allowed to vote i am yes sir inch in you have cast votes i did i i guess i voted for him oh come on loaded on here in the district yes it knowing what you know about the inside of prisons how do you think of people who've served time would generally vote republican or democrat i really don't know know ah john i went on as a democrat uh looking in california at the time and i came out a republican because i i believe i my game sense so i don't know uh i don't know how they would vote um and honestly i don't think most of them would go i do agree with what you're saying that uh uh with alabama i i don't think anyone should throat until they finish their time like i don't believe anyone should have the rights back until they finish a punishment uh with for months and months on the other state i i strongly disagree with that because i i equally in florida it is one of those presently they have a lifetime ban of voting by it it is one of the state's alabama.

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