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Hour winds less than six hundred miles off Cape fear, hurricane specialist. John Cangelosi approaches the coast it's likely to slow down significantly, and maybe even been to the south west. So this could be a situation where we have very dangerous major hurricane. Just crawling near the coastline for day or even more CBS news update. I'm Deborah Rodriguez. KCBS news time three thirty two. Well, preparations for the hurricane and its impact on the Carolina coast. Stretch all the way here to the bay area. KCBS has Holly Kwon tells us is specialized rescue team based in Oakland arrive there yesterday a team of sixteen from California task force for activated by FEMA to bring six swift water rescue boats to wear up to two feet of rains expected. Oakland. Fire battalion chief Robert manages the team and says when it's fire season here. It's hurricane season there. You know, when you see the building, and you know that there's a chance new start getting everything ready. This was you know, complete surprise it would take longer to get to get rolling and get out the door. They should be able to make it in advance of Florence making landfall also what we'd like to be there before it hits. However, if we don't what we'll do is we'll find a place places shelter until the storm passes over and then we'll get back on the road and get to where we needed the Oakland team is made up of fire personnel from Oakland. Alameda, Livermore, Santa Rosa and Fremont fire departments as. Well, as Alameda, and contra Costa counties, deployment could last as long as three weeks, depending on the storm's impact in Oakland. Holy kwan. KCBS? The navy is moving people and ships ahead of the hurricane and the air force and army are both flying advanced aircraft. Elsewhere as a safeguard Florence's headed for a region with some of the most well known military bases in the country including Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, naval station, Norfolk in Virginia and the Marine Corps. Recruit depot on Paris island in South Carolina. Non essential personnel were released from duty at login and most are relocated with their families and at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. The majority of the eighty second airborne divisions helicopter fleet was evacuated. Shanksville Pennsylvania is the site of a new nine eleven memorial to the heroes of United flight ninety three that flight left San Francisco and was hijacked on nine eleven with the intent to crash into either the US capitol or the White House. CBS news correspondent chip Reid reports from the field where that jet came down. The names of the forty passengers and crew members of flight ninety three were solemnly read. Aloud near the field where their lives were lost. Soon after flight ninety three took off it was hijacked by terrorists. Passengers and crew members phoned loved ones and learned that two planes had already struck the world trade towers, they voted and decided to act on Sunday the tower of voices was dedicated here. The final piece of the memorial when finished it will contain forty winds chimes that will sound like this. They are intended to recall the voices of the passengers and crew in their final heartbreaking calls and voicemails children that I love them very much. Gordon felt is president of the families of flight ninety three is brother. Ed felt was a passenger on the plane. What does the tower of voices add to this memorial? Well for me the tower voices is a symbol of defiance ninety three feet tall. Standing at the entrance to this memorial. Defiantly speaking for our loved.

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