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One tweet away from going into the office when you woke up when you woke up this saturday immediately you check president trump's tweets and you see mister peepers and mr magoo on there what are your thoughts that'd be a really busy news day but i you know this was the same day as barbara bush's funeral so we were preparing for funeral coverage out of out of houston and it's a little surreal that you know all of this was going down i think the president defense is twitter use and and his supporters say you know they love it but i i tell you there's a lot of his supporters up on capitol hill who say just a little less would probably fit us just fine and the republican party i think you know he defends himself on twitter all the time but when he goes to great lengths i mean he was a twitter storm saturday morning when i for referred to jeff sessions as mr magoo and rosenstein is mister peepers he's trying to defend himself from what he thinks is a really aggressive anti trump media and he has a point in some cases but sometimes you know news is news well i i know some people love it they're like this guy is different from any other president we've had bought i don't want to see the president's tweeting mr magoo mister peepers in calling james coney coney slime ball i just don't there's a certain type of behavior when you're the president of the united states in my opinion right and a lotta people share your opinion clearly but this president was elected doing exactly what he's doing right now and if people thought that this was not going to continue and suddenly he was going to get in the oval office and poof he was going to be george hw bush you know i i think that there's a wakeup call here this is how he has always communicated a cherry operates whether you like it or not it is you know i think there are people who look at him and say if you put the tweets and comments aside and you look at the principle of what's getting done there are supporters of his who say you know it's all about what's getting done right we're talking to bret baier from fox news.

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