North Korea, President Trump, Iraq discussed on WBZ Morning News


US troops have again fired tear gas to deter protesters from attacking the American embassy in Baghdad protesters converging on the embassy for a second straight day following US air strikes against shi'ite militias backed by Iran the United States blaming around for orchestrating this protest in Baghdad CBS news correspondent Holly Williams in Istanbul says the protests are an extension of tensions in the region the demonstrations were led by militia groups with backing from Iran America is now vying with Iran for influence over Iraq tensions that some fear it could become a full blown proxy war meantime north Korean leader Kim Jong on expressing frustration over stalled nuclear negotiations warning his country will soon show to the world a new strategic weapon Kim also says North Korea is no longer obligated to maintain a self imposed suspension on the testing of nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles president trump is labeled North Korea's moratorium is a major diplomatic accomplishment Kim gave no clear indication that a resumption of such testing is imminent new laws going into effect this year in Massachusetts that range from the minimum wage going up to the banning of hand held electronics behind the wheel is WBZ's James Ross the minimum wage is going up from twelve dollars to twelve seventy five an hour that'll increase seventy five cents every year until we reach the goal of fifteen Bucks an hour in twenty twenty three employers and those living in Massachusetts will also star paying into the state's paid family and medical leave program a with benefits being made available next year and don't forget put the phone down and keep your hands on the wheel the hands free law goes into effect on February twenty third many drivers from using handheld electronics while driving fines range from one hundred to five hundred Bucks James zero Haas WBZ Boston's.

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