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As safe as we can a former student made a threat to the school both on a school bus and on the aitken's campus and former student was later arrested near south park meadows the campus was locked down most of the morning because of the threat from that 17yearold president trump has floated the idea of arming teachers as a way to protect students from mass shootings vicky and austin areas schoolteacher was asked to remain anonymous says that's not going to fly in most the schools around here the vast majority of teachers are extremely liberal going to be so much push back if that were ever to come about she says she can't think of a single teacher she works with who would be comfortable with and she says typically teachers who identify as conservatives have to keep that a secret or face extreme ridicule from faculty the police are learning new ways to combat could become violent situations debts the animals are relieved the individual empathize with down and and understand their point of view put ourselves in their shoes asta police officer michael barker says the goal is to resolve the situations as quickly as possible in peacefully to he says this new training is designed to supplement existing the escalation training the latest draft of code next the austin landuse rules rewrite being met with more skepticism by neighborhood activists fred lewis of community not commodity says draft three of code next insent devises the destruction of singlefamily homes and that is not good for affordability and it will increase people's property taxes because if you can subdivide the lot input four units on it instead of one than the price at that law is going up in everybody's taxes around it are going up he says it over eight and a half million dollars spent code next continues to be inexpensive boondoggle kale bj news time 604 time to take a look at austin's on time traffic brought to you by atecs dumpsters and thomas j henry injury attorneys here's at traffic phenomena.

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