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Of Congress correspondent Jared Halpern. Secretary of State Antony Blinken testifies today and tomorrow for a pair of congressional panels expected to answer sharp questions from Democrats and Republicans about the chaotic US withdraw from Afghanistan in current relationships with the Taliban. There aren't a lot of good options here. Uh, but we have to find a way We have to find a way to extract Americans. Indiana Republican Todd Young is on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee That panel hears from Blinken tomorrow. This afternoon. Blinken testifies for the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Capitol Hill. Jared Halpern, Fox News Find administration on Friday provided the first look at refugees from Afghanistan who are being held at Fort Bliss. The base in El Paso was one of eight military installations were evacuees are being housed while undergoing medical and security checks. According to W. B. A. P s My train and reporters were taken on a three hour toward the facility, but we're not allowed to talk with any evacuate. The media was given broad access to the installation, however, were not Allowed to interview any Afghans are allowed to spend more than a few minutes where evacuees were gathered. This is the first time President Biden has allowed the media to tour facility where Afghan refugees are being held in a long shot bid to become the Texas attorney General. Texas attorney Lee married topped his opponents and fundraising in the last quarter campaign announced in recent days that it raised $285,000, which is more than every Republican candidate in the race, including incumbent Can Paxton in a tweet on Friday, Merritt said, quote I'm running for Texas a G to put marginalized issues on the ballot fundraising numbers for Pakistan or the other. Candidates Land Commissioner George P. Bush. And former Supreme Court justice. Even Guzman have not been announced. Kim LAN cans w B A P News Now a check on Texas business sponsored by the Law Office of Nickname F Here, Spencer McGowan from Network Radio..

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