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Arriving last night, the chief knock off the Houston Texans Far Packers go. They will begin the season coming up on a Sunday against the Vikings. They do make some small roster moves yesterday. Dalen, MCA defensive tackle He was signed to the practice. Quiet was originally reported that he was being signed the act of roster, but he's going to go to the practice squad. They also bring back running back Dexter Williams to the practice squad will move on from running back tomorrow. Pocket and offensive lineman Alex like some people were surprised when light got cut from the 53 Man roster. Now he's been cut from the practice squad so somewhat of a surprise there. One area of depth for the Packers is the running backs and, according to head coach Matt Leffler, he's really looking forward to being able to utilize a number of running back Sunday against the Vikings. There's going to be a learning curve. Definitely. I mean, considering its first live game action, Certainly there's things that we put into our plan that is pretty specific to one or two guys. But the idea is to try to rotate those guys through. I think in the National Football League, you need multiple backs and We're really, really excited about that running back room. We feel like we've got a bunch of quality players are coverage on Sunday will begin at nine o'clock and kicked off is scheduled for 12 noon. The Brewers are back at it tonight. They really begin. The home struck to the season three games under 500. Right now, they're two games behind the Cardinals for the second place in the division, their game and a half out of the final playoff spot in the National League, so the door is still open if they could go on some type of September run Tonight. Brewer's against the Cubs at Miller Park. Brandon Woodruff is a starting of for the crew. And he understands the team has to play good baseball down the stretch. It's not been really broken up. I think we all know we have 20 games. Well, for whatever it is. We know we gotta start plan well, and these last 20 in that way we've been faced with this last year, three years. So you know this is kind of familiar territory but under different circumstances, But we know what you start playing better start winning games and in doing that here pretty soon, so there's 17 1st pitch. Our coverage begins a little bit after six o'clock with Brewer's warm up. MBA. An angel playoffs continuing on last night in the MBA Lakers over the Rockets, 1 10 100. They leave that serious three games to one in the NHL, the Stars knockoff Vegas, 32. And over time they have a 21 Siri's lead and seems like every day there's a new story about the possibility of big 10 football. Now, some of the big 10 coaches, including Right, Right. Big day at Ohio State, pushing for a late October start for a big 10 football season. If that were to happen, there's a chance they could still sneak the season in and to be eligible for the college football playoff. 1st 3 60 coming up in less than an hour and 8 15, ESPN Chicago's Jesse Rogers helps US preview Cubs brewers that will be at 8 15. Year on W th a BREWERS baseball It's a sound of summer counsel.

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