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I don't actually have an answer for this. 'cause like here's the thing. i think. the show is really good for what it is now but like. I'm in my thirties. And it's hard for me to like get to jazzed about it. It's clearly a kid show right like and it's not a kid like their kid shows. Now that feel like offer a lot for adults like steven universes show that. I think you can have him like steven universe. And cora and stuff right like those are kids shows but they also have a little bit more going on and you like it doesn't offer anything more than like good seventies eighties spiderman. Come expert that too. Yeah right but even the men show which i think kind of does i'm still just kinda like it's fine. Yeah i'm not a kid anymore. But like you know if you're into it's fine but like So like what. What show would i. What books would i like to ski. Consumer series. I dunno i. It's hard for me to get excited. Because i wouldn't be against the fantastic four and adventures which. I think that was a fantastic. I was at the same time. So that's that's what. I was going to use this as a springboard to talk about. I'm i think in the last episode. I kinda mistakenly was like it's weird. That marvel didn't do this right like they didn't have more. These animated like v. Shows did they had a ton of them. And i didn't know what i was talking about it. All right so like men running now fantastic four and iron man. There is the marvel action hour writing from ninety four to ninety six that had both tested for an iron man. Like split right so there was like twenty six episodes of that. There was an incredible hulk series that that ran for twenty episodes in the ninety s was a silver surfer series. A bunch more spiderman that ran. There's an avenger series etc right like this plenty and then like running into ma modern day. there's like quite a bit of me on the list and in the like from around twenty fourteen to maybe two thousand eighteen. They had like a whole extended universe of of ultimate spider man crossing the vendors. Assemble and stuff like that and gadgets get gardens of the galaxy. I think right. Yeah so like that was really surprising to me. Because like did you do you watch. I watched like maybe the first two seasons of ultimate spiderman. I remember. I remember liking. It wasn't so like a dave really likes the twenty seventeen. There was a new man. Show called marvel spiderman which is like peter parker's in high school with Spider girl and miles morales. Right like on your corson had this red. I haven't seen it but it's been going for like sixty episodes but like there's just all these shows that i had no idea there's an avenger show from two thousand thirteen to twenty nineteen that got a hundred twenty six episode yelling disassembly never even heard of it. So like yeah. There's plenty here. I'm just you know i'm an adult and i'm not plugged into kid shows anymore. That's where ignorance comes from There's a moving with that. Show coming since coming up pretty soon. I think but i think they they but right now. They have a lot less because they ended the over ultimate spider man of someone. That's in two thousand eighteen thousand nine hundred..

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