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While some history was made today in the world of IndyCar, Marina CK now climbs out as a new in the car winner. The youngest winner of an Indy car race in the history of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Is rain SBK, Not even 21 years old. Yet anyone the GM are Grand Prix earlier this afternoon. Ramangkura Sean was second Alex. Below came in third. Joseph New Garden fourth grade. Marie Hollis, fifth. Simon Passion. Oh, Alexander Rossi, Scott McLaughlin, Scott Dixon and Marcus Eriksen rounded out the top 10. The next race is the Indianapolis 500, which will happen in just a couple of weeks. The Indiana Pacers close out the regular season their final regular season game of the year will be tomorrow against the Toronto Raptors. Today lost a tough one to the defending champion. Los Angeles Lakers won 22 21 15. They're already in the embassy play in tournament if they beat Toronto tomorrow. This insures that they will host the 9 10 game. But if they lose, and that means that they will either be traveling to Charlotte or Washington as the 10 seed Minor league Baseball. Tonight, The Indianapolis Indians beat the Toledo Mud hens 5 to 4. Also, the Fort Wayne 10 caps got a win over Lake County by the score of 4 to 3 N. Ba Hall of Fame ceremonies tonight as many great players were inducted, including the late great Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, as well as Kevin Garnett, former Indiana fever start to make a Catchings, inducted as well for networking began a sports I'm Sean Herrick. Welcome back everyone on Bob level. This is Indiana Sports.

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