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And if you can you're talking about mentors, if you can mentor someone, and it's always amazing to me, how some little small thing, you might do can have a major impact on somebody's impression of you. Someone's impression of life. Someone's impression about themselves by some small thing that you may have said to them. And so it's it's more than just using your story to story you win which means that you need to be cognizant about being a mentor, even if it's not, you know, once a week talking to somebody, but just a one conversation with a person, you can add value to their life. Yeah. Now is that part of what being I was kind of founded on is that connection mentoring, helping others. Yeah. No, no, no question. I mean, our principal core. Value is givers gain the idea that if I hope you you'll help me we'll all do better as a result of it. And I'd have to say it's worked pretty well. We now have eight thousand eight hundred sixty five chapters in seventy three countries around the world. Wow. It's been Mr. toads wild ride. Really as amazing. I no longer manage the day to day operation for am sort of the Colonel Sanders of being the spokesperson for the organization, and you know, I love I love what I do. I love what being does last year. We passed eleven point two million referrals. Be an and and from those eleven point two million referrals. We generated fourteen point two billion with a B fourteen point two billion dollars worth of business for our members. Now, Dan, just you know for fourteen billion dollars is more than the gross domestic product for the country of Liechtenstein. That's incredible. Okay. It's a small country. I know but still but still that that we could do that you are your own country. It was bigger than Lichtenstein. That's incredible man. That's yeah. That's so speaking of the cut the company and your role in I love the title of chief visionary. Officer sounds really cool. But what does that mean for you, then like at a day-to-day basis? Well, so that title was bestowed upon me by our CEO about four and a half years ago. I brought in a partner into the company, and and he he suggested that I use the CBO title. That she was a little would be honest. I did is really. But then I looked into it. And oftentimes the chief officer of company is the founder because the founder is I believe uniquely positioned to represent the organization. They'll never be another founder of being I and so the founder of the organization if it's something like an I I love it. I think in entrepreneurs either working in their flame are working in their wax when they're in their flame there on fire. They love what they're doing. They're passionate about it. You can see it in the way, they act you can hear it in the voice when they're working in their wax. It takes all their energy away. You can see it in a way they act here it in their voice. So being the spokesperson for being I is my flame. I love it. And that's really the role is to is to help continue to carry forward. The vision of being I which begins with our principal core. Value of givers. Did you ever think that when this started that that would be your end goal to be the spokesperson that gets to gets do what you do every day? I love it. Okay. Yes. And no. No, not particularly would be an I mean, I didn't I didn't. I like to tell you this vision of an international organization with eight thousand locations, but when I serve me, and I was just looking for referrals for my consulting business. And I wanted to help my friends, and it just it blew up it just snowballed, and you know, a year into it. I created a plan. I thought that we could really scale this business. But when I started it that's not quite what I thought. However, I will tell you. I wrote a blog about this. You can find a blog. Ivan miser dot com and look at. Life lessons, just search on life lessons when I was in my twenties. I wrote my life

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