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Of witness tampering while he awaits trial on fraud and money laundering charges cbs news legal consultant thane rosenbaum essentially the allegation is that he used what's that he and an associate we're sending a text messages to to people who are essential going to be called as witnesses against robert muller petitioned the court to have manafort locked up he's turning up the heat reporter paula reid other people facing charges in this case have not really had the stomach to fight through a trial remember that's not just money there's also a lot of stress on your family and his co defendant decided he could no longer fight rick gates he decided based on considerations his family finances he couldn't push through but so far manafort has said he is willing to these charges he won't cooperate and now while looking to see whether or not some jail time changes his mind jim chenevey paul manafort is the highest ranking presidential campaign officials since john mitchell to be jailed it would appear metaphor wanted so badly to beat his original charges of financial misdeeds in russia and ukraine that he resorted to witness tampering john dean who served as white house counsel during watergate tells knx he can't make sense of it i just can't envision what he was thinking but he's a man who's desperate clearly but now he's dug himself a much deeper hole says top watergate prosecutor nick acrobat it wasn't just a matter of violating the court order was committing a extremely serious felony which is witness tampering which is a twenty year felony and ackerman wonders whether the only way out of that deeper hole is testifying against president trump brian paying knx ten seventy newsradio the mormon church is massive genealogical database will begin accepting submissions of names of people from same sex relationships sometime next year a statement from the church says that the move does not foreshadow any change too long standing church opposition to gay marriage spin done to ensure the database has as much information as possible for researchers to use it's four fifty time for your money apple and oprah are getting together apple says it has a new multiyear content partnership with oprah winfrey to create original programs that apple says will embrace her incomparable ability to connect with audiences no word.

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