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A fresh record high peace after samsung announced its investing one point nine billion dollars in the united states ahead of south korea president moon jae an's meeting with us president donald trump china's yuan meanwhile strengthen for a third day the offshore currency rising to its highest level since november as chinese president xi jinping kicked off a landmark visit to hong kong hong kong stocks rose two days ahead of the twentieth anniversary of the citystate's handover from britain to china juliette ssali bloomberg daybreak hong kong legacy juliette in the uk who nearly fifteen billion dollar acquisition is focused this morning joining us live from our london bureau with the details is bloomberg daybreak europe anchor caroline hooker dimona guerrilla good morning michael and carrot karen bradley the uk coaches say because he will tell parliament how decision on rupert murdoch's bid for sky this morning is the loss hurdle for twentyfirst century folks is eleven point seven billion pound offer for the remaining sixty one percent of the pay tv provider now the culture set coach he can either approve the bid out right subject to certain conditions or pass it to the competition in markets authority in the uk for a deeper review it's a highly anticipated decision both because of the case media ownership rules and also because of the scandals and corporate governance failings that have hit the murdoch's media empire a previous bid six years ago was sunk by a phone hacking scandal now critics of repeated the same concerns that this new taught would give the billionaire's family too much influence over the uk media skate folks argues it no longer holds any newspapers now the part of news corp and that the in today that provides greater media klar ploorul plurality and if the deal is refers it will be another six months before we get a final verdict callan had kept impact daybreak london thank you caroline and here in the us metlife has won regulatory approval the spinoff bright house financial they insurers domestic retail unit has more than two hundred twenty billion dollars in assets met life is looking to free itself from.

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