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Yeah starting the dow suburbs again. I hate dallas. Don't look if you're going to move to texas. Because almost mind keeping my he. He's never been the income tax is that he will law florida. You go to florida. No say man. You can go to las vegas tennessee. To say vegas is okay but boxing for yeah i was thinking i might be good things but the thing it takes all lakes almost my. He's only ever. They're also that i was gonna keep. Its like ninety nine point nine percent like everybody's nobody talked to me. I've never lived anywhere. You walk in the masjid and like no one like to each other either. Like i thought like they don't have to me and i kind of understand it but don't talk to each other. It's like i went to value our inch islamic center. Which is where he meant. When i got down there and they kind of just opened building rhonda. Because you know what. I'm saying louis. They have ktar every night and is a big crowd for salah. It was mocking. There's like four or five people that are going to the car. Get a bottle of water from the trump decides on the break my fast. So the whole thing. In texas these buffets twenty four ninety was the of it. That's that's the big thing. I went to richardson mesh. I n t if somebody says. Slow money i said man is nice. Somebody talking to saint louis area so we started out there. We stop at arkansas. At hobart sold the boyhood home of president bill clinton the man from hope. I'm gonna tell you something man. I look back tonight. And he's as good time to speak right even though we always into lewisham but no were. The most unique was much better in the nineties. Kind of a golden era. You know what i'm saying. People were making money. I was young. You know we kind of had this energetic spirit security. It was a nice time. Right and bill clinton was president and the biggest thing was monica. Lewinsky scandal wiscon- endeared me to bill. We have some land. I both like cigars.

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