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Joe dimaggio. Newsradio ten twenty k at least one person injured and taken to a hospital after a two vehicle crash in west Mifflin this morning happened on kennywood boulevard around six three. Thirty AM. There's no word on the condition of the person who was injured both of the vehicles had major damage and a woman is in custody after a police chase ended with a crash this morning in Monaca in beaver county. Police tried to stop a vehicle on route fifty one around six thirty this morning. The driver sped away the pursuit ended on chapel way. Where the unidentified woman hit a couple of cruisers one from center township the editor from Aliquippa, but there were no injuries. Authorities say they have interrupted a terror plot in California CBS's Steve Futterman has the story the alleged plot reportedly focused on multiple targets one man has been arrested. According to reports, he's a military veteran. The LA times says he was caught in an online sting operation. No one saying how far the plot God. Or if any targets were an imminent danger. One of the targets in southern California reportedly was in Long Beach, just south of LA that city has the second busiest port in the US the suspect Mark Domingo's, reportedly converted to Islam and was allegedly plotting to bomb. Nazi rally to retaliate for the mosque attacks in New Zealand, the ACLU announced a settlement Monday, and it's federal civil rights challenge against the mckeesport area school district eleven students sued the district claiming they were prevented from forming a black student union club the superintendent toll Katie k ATV last week. They had reservations about the involvement of outside groups under the terms of the settlement students will be able to form a club. But no outside sponsorship or involvement will be allowed on Wall Street. Heifer and Tillerson says the Dow is down twenty six points at twenty six thousand five twenty seven the NASDAQ.

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