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Twenty twenty before regulators sign off on the plane flying this is the CBS world news roundup late edition sponsored by the Capital One venture card the impeachment trial of president trump officially got under way today with Republicans and Democrats continuing to squabble over just how to proceed correspondent Natalie brand reports house managers in the White House legal team have begun making their cases during debate over a resolution to set impeachment trial rules since the president was sworn into office there was a desire to see him removed an article to where the president he can do whatever he wants you want to say that's okay then you got to say that every future president can come into office and they can do the same thing the resolution will now allow each side up to three days to present twenty four hours of opening arguments after pushback from moderate Republicans the house impeachment record will also now automatically be admitted into the evidence opening arguments are expected to begin Wednesday afternoon Natalie brand CBS news Capitol Hill it's here a new and deadly virus that first turned up in China and has now spread to the United States in the Seattle area resident who returned last week from the outbreaks epicenter corresponding mark Strassman a man in his thirties reported feeling ill on Sunday is now under quarantine here at the Providence regional Medical Center just north of Seattle he had traveled recently to Han China for the virus apparently originated in this food market last month it's a new strain now spreading in Asia and has never been seen before in humans the current information suggests that there is human to human transmission of this virus what we don't know is how Sistine transmission yes signs of the virus include fever cough and trouble breathing in severe cases patients suffer pneumonia kidney failure and death there are no vaccination sars like diseases killed at least six people and sickened three hundred Boeing seven thirty seven MAX related troubles got a little deeper today when the company announced it does not expect to get.

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