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Georgia avenue northbound from the beltway northbound traffic at a crash involving a car and a motorcycle gets by to the left on Georgia avenue slowly Beltway traffic is heavy near exit 31 because of that crash but also it's slow on many other portions of four 95 as well Volume delays on 95 through Maryland and Virginia no disruptive crashes though Route three O one between the nice Middleton bridge and dahlgren the work appears to have wrapped up Traffic should be moving in both directions at the same time now on three O one In Virginia on I three 95 southbound near shirlington the crash is clear the southbound pace remains slow but the lanes are open I 66 westbound near route 7 falls church westbound traffic gets by the debris spill in one lane to the left Westbound traffic is just a heavy steady toward oakton And then westbound between haymarket and the planes delays remain toward broad run They were doing road patching and you're driving across that Czech reward in a single file westbound near broad run Eastbound on 66 coming into Washington Look for delays from the Roosevelt bridge following 66 behind the Kennedy Center on the Potomac freeway It is slow because the right lanes that lead onto the whitehurst freeway and up on to Pennsylvania avenue in the West End are blocked because of some sort of work zone So from the I 66 Potomac freeway all traffic has to head on to 27th street over toward Virginia avenue and or rock creek Parkway It's closet America's red hot summer sales event 30% off plus free installation closet America everything at its place perfectly Dave dillin WTO traffic Let's talk about this weather chuck bell has details After a very rainy month of May well over 6 inches of rain at national airport last month there are more rain chances.

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