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Red anytime picked off about what's going on? Trump that the rest of the Republicans that stand up to. The only way that we can do is get out there. The young people get out there, and we need them. I tell you what I've never marched. And I hope everybody is giving away. Out of their complacency signs in the crowd included. A woman brought you into the world and women will vote you out and bad. Politicians are elected by good people who don't vote in grant park. Mike Crausser NewsRadio on one point nine FM. And this was the third local event of its kind following rallies after the President Trump inauguration and again last year. The university of Illinois at our banish. Champagne made some changes to the school's homecoming celebration today when mother nature threatened to rain on the homecoming parade this evening. It was cancelled the Champaign news gazette reports people were notified of the cancellation by a mass mailing the university. Also decided to move a carnival that had been scheduled for the quad indoors officials say all outdoor events could resume if the weather clears up. There are new details today about a possible evidence regarding the disappearance of a Saudi journalists to per government newspaper is reporting that Turkish officials have an audio recording of the alleged killing of journalists Jamal kashogi. The audio reportedly comes from Khashoggi's apple watch, which he was wearing when he walked into the Saudi consulate in Istanbul over a week ago. Turkish security officials have leaked information about the case through the SABA newspaper before it reports the thirties have recovered the audio from kashogi. Iphone? I cloud account. The journalists had given his phones to his fiancee who was waiting outside the consulate when he disappeared. Meanwhile, the Saudi Interior Minister prince Abdulaziz been sued calls reports of official orders to kill kashogi baseless lies. Ben Thomas, Washington. Many people have never given blood. But one Chicago man has now done it five hundred times. It's pretty easy to do. Everybody should do this. Seventy.

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