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Minerals could cost anywhere from a few $100 to a few $1000. And you can imagine for a struggling mom and pop right now that kind of money is golden for them, so any money that they can save through these waivers is welcome with open arms. Nobody calls Newsome's latest budget proposal a step in the right direction. And for small businesses. The governor has taken some great steps today that they're really going to help small businesses going again. We hope to see our policy makers this whole legislative year. Keep that mo mentum going A recent and F I B study finds that one out of every four small businesses would be forced to close their doors if economic conditions don't improve within the next few months. Top lawmakers and community leaders from Sacramento and across California, are counting on Governor Gavin Newsom to allow businesses in the state to reopen the group is called reopen Cal now and will be gathering for a conference in Rancho Miria to this weekend. Sacramento County Supervisor Sue Frost says a number of topics will be discussed bringing expert in the fields of epidemiology, medicine, psychology, economics and constitutional law, and our mission is to provide the full science of Kobe Good and to look at the lockdown and to understand the impact the lockdown they're having on our communities, and we're also going to talk about strategies to reduce hospital demand and safely reopen schools and businesses and Protect our constitutional rights and get people back to their jobs in their lives. The event is to be held outside in person and will follow covert guidelines as well as be broadcast virtually Saturday. Speakers include Sacramento Sheriff's Scott Jones and Rocklin Assemblyman Kevin Kiley. Coronavirus concerns or delaying jury trials in some parts of California gave me case Taylor Martin tells us what to expect if you get a summons this week, Sacramento and Eldorado Superior Courts are pushing back the trials until at least mid January, But residents in both counties received summons for jury duty in the mail. This week, Court officials confirmed that jury proceedings are still suspended by court order due to the pandemic. Sacramento Superior Court has suspended jury trials and jury service until January. 18th Eldorado County officials have extended their December 2nd delay order to January 31st and ordered civil trials through the 31st to be vacated and reset. Taylor Martin News 90.1 KFBK It's five or six on the KFBK. Afternoon news with Kitty O'Neil. Thanks, Joe Michael's there to a California driest years in modern history been recorded since 2013. Federal climate officials say. 2020 was California's third driest year since 18 95, California recorded an average just below 12 inches last year. The overall mean average is just above 22 inches. Meteorologist Island divorces this year is not off to a promising start. It is disappointing certainly to see the week ahead in the forecast because we don't see any large systems coming by in our neck of the woods. We don't have rain in the forecast all the way through next week. So this is disappointing, because January is our wettest month. Typically, 2013 is the state's worst year on record. 507 coming up in 5 11 will talk about our poll question today. Right now, this hour's top national stories on news 93.1 kfbk from.

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